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Beautification Committee

Mission Statement

The Beautification Team of the Lake Lawsona Fern Creek Historic Neighborhood seeks to encourage a clean and beautiful neighborhood by partnering with residents, community volunteers and city based organizations, focusing on volunteerism and beautification efforts throughout our community.


JOIN OUR TEAM!  We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas on our team. If you would like to be part of making Lake Lawsona Fern Creek Historic Neighborhood even more beautiful and a great place to live!


  1. Washington Street Bridge/H. H. Dickson Azalea Park State Historical Marker:  Through the generous donations of more than $2,200 from private individuals and organizations, this marker was purchased and erected in April, 2014.

  2. Lake Lawsona Park Flags:  Due to the generous donations of $727 from individuals & $275 in matching funds from LLFCHNA, 65 new flags were purchased in January, 2018 to replace flags around Lake Lawsona Park.

  3. New Tot Lot Equipment at Langford Park:  Due in part to our team and neighborhood association building a very positive relationship with Parks & Recreation as demonstrated by our diligence in graffiti eradication and cleanup efforts, our “wish list” request for the new equipment was granted in November, 2017.  

  4. Broken Sidewalk Repairs:  Our team worked to identify broken sidewalks throughout the neighborhood and then submitted repair/replacement requests to the City of Orlando to insure pedestrian safety.

  5. National Register of Historic Places designation for Lake Lawsona Historic District:  We are moving forward with plans to complete an original 1998 application for the NRHP as we work with Richard Forbes, Historic Preservation Officer and Thornton Park Neighborhood to complete the application.   Listing in the National Register of Historic Places will provide a formal recognition of the historical and architectural significance and encourage preservation of our historic district.

  6. Sign Toppers for Lake Lawsona Historic District:  We are working with Richard Forbes, Historic Preservation Officer, to erect sign toppers on existing street signs at intersections within the Lake Lawsona Historic District.   The goal of the program is to raise public awareness of the presence and location of the Lake Lawsona Historic District within the city of Orlando.  Our district would be the first of the six other Orlando historic districts to do this.

Ongoing Activities

  1. Bi-Annual Park Cleanups:  Working with neighborhood and community volunteers, our team organizes and executes two park cleanups annually in one of our three city neighborhood parks.  Volunteer-led projects such as these inspire more community spirit, socializing, and pride.  

  2. Graffiti/Vandalism Eradication:  Our team works swiftly to address graffiti and/or vandalism as it occurs throughout our neighborhood in an effort to deter these types of unwanted activities.  Gangs sometimes use graffiti to communicate with other gangs. By removing the graffiti quickly, we can render these messages ineffective.

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